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wireless-regdb Singapore Updates


  • Linux with git installed (guide is written with Linux in mind)
  • Configure your email and name for the commit and commit sign-off:
    git config --global ""
    git config --global "Your Name"

Updating wireless-regdb and Submitting a Patch

  1. Clone wireless-regdb:
    git clone && cd wireless-regdb
  2. Open db.txt in a text editor:
    $EDITOR db.txt
  3. Find country SG: DFS-FCC
  4. Make your changes and don't forget to update the relevant comments above the SG block with appropriate reference to the TS SRD
  5. Exit $EDITOR
  6. Double-check your changes:
    git diff HEAD~1
  7. Build test:
    make clean && make
    • You may have to install M2Crypto e.g. dnf install python3-m2crypto on Fedora
    • To functionality test on OpenWrt, see OpenWrt Custom wireless-regdb
  8. Add the changed file:
    git add db.txt
  9. Commit:
    git commit -s
    • Commit title/first line: “Update regulatory rules for Singapore (SG) for [MONTH] [YEAR]” or refer to wireless-regdb list archives for appropriate subjects
    • Describe your motivations (if relevant), what was changed, and references to authoritative texts; in most situations this would be excerpts from the comments made in db.txt
  10. Double-check your commit message:
    git log -n1
  11. Generate a patch from your commit:
    git format-patch HEAD~1
  12. Send patch to mailing list (dry run):
    git send-email --dry-run *.patch
    • Verify that only one patch is in the first line of output and it is the intended patch to send, otherwise replace *.patch with the specific one you wanted to send
    • Verify the Subject: line
    • Verify the From:, To:, CC: lines
  13. When you are happy, run the same command as above, removing the --dry-run argument
  14. Check the wireless-regdb list archives to confirm your patch has been received


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