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Vanlife in Malaysia

Common Vans

Small 90s vans, in approximate order of popularity:

  • Nissan Vanette C22
  • Ford Econovan (Mazda Bongo)
  • Toyota LiteAce
    • KM36 - 1.5L 5K engine, RWD SRF (short roof)/MRF (medium roof)
    • YM31 (Premio) - 1.8L 2Y engine, RWD SRF/MRF
  • Mitsubishi Delica L300

Medium 90s vans:

  • Toyota Hiace H100 series

Campsites - West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia

Melaka - Tanjong Keling - Pantai Kundor


A beach with a short shore, with an access ramp from the main road (Federal Route 141) and nice, stablized grassy sand to park on.


Port Dickson - Pantai Cahaya

Overcrowded at all times, avoid; insufficient parking and toilets.


  • Toilets: Public toilets and showers (MPPD - Portal Rasmi Majlis Perbandaran Port Dickson)
  • Crowded, avoid!

Port Dickson - Tanjong Lembah Public Beach


A beach with a generous amount of stabilzied, grassy soil to park on, however avoid driving 2WD vehicles in during wet weather as the ground turns muddy.

Due to the large grassy field, weekends tend to see large gatherings with tentages with sound systems and barbeques, with cooking and rowdiness extending into the early hours of the morning.


Lumut - Teluk Batik Campsite

Well-maintained by the municipal council - facilities are clean, guarded and sand is stabilized; concrete ramp as well. The paid, reservation-only camping area is segregated from the public beach, so no need to fight with the crowds for beach space.

Warungs nearby with average food; supermarkets and petrol stations nearby in downtown Lumut.


  • Toilets: Public toilets and showers (MPM - Majlis Pebandaran Manjung; free after 7pm)
  • Fee - RM40 per day (check-in before 9PM, check-out before 3PM)
  • Electricity: Yes - limited spots (+RM10 per day)
  • Weekdays: Quiet
  • Weekends and public holidays: Crowded but reserve camping spaces ahead of time

Batu Pahat - Pantai Minyak Beku

The rocky beach is not very interesting, and there is no vehicular access to the beach. Carpark is very quiet at night, and good for stealth camping as a rest spot after dinner at the warungs.

The drive there does not seem to pass any interesting towns, being mostly through plantations and unfinished developments.


Campsites - East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia

Mersing - Tenggaroh - Pemberton Campground

Privately operated campground, gated access off the main road - gate is padlocked with combination lock, combination is provided upon successful payment. Road to the actual campsite is very bumpy, but perfectly fine for driving on with most vehicles.

The camping ground is well drained and stabilized with grass; rope fences are put up to designate areas that are safe to drive on. Several dogs on-site that seem to be guarding the property but are harmless and did not approach me. There is a small house on the campground for the owners/staff, but I did not see any staff on-site when I was there, though they did seem to come by a few times a day to clear the garbage.

Property's facilities are very basic, with the toilet and shower structure being quite poorly built and exposed to the outdoors. There are also some complaints about sandflies.

The star of this campsite is the beach; kilometers of pristine and private beach, when I was there on a weekday, I had the coastline as far as I could see, for myself. Possibly one of the best beaches along the east coast, but definitely bring your own creature comforts and food, as there are no nearby towns.


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