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3D Printing Filament in Singapore


Favorite Filaments

  • eSUN
      • + Great general-purpose filament with good tensile strength and temperature resistance
      • + Stringing can be completely eliminated with retraction length calibration
      • + Prints are very strong without being too brittle
      • + Beautiful matte texture with light diffusing properties
  • CC3D
      • + Great general-purpose filament with good tensile strength and temperature resistance
      • - Fine stringing that cannot be completely eliminated with any length of retraction
      • Colored filament is not completely opaque, could be useful for single-layer LED shine-through
  • Tinmorry
      • + One of the few PETG-GF filaments available without much price premium over PETG
      • FIXME Haven't tried it yet, listing it here to remind me to review it
      • Use the link above to order rather than the usual product listing page, as the store blocked orders from non-mainland China access

Disliked Filaments

  • eSUN
      • Prints are very flexible and soft in XY axis, strength is only in the Z axis
      • Probably has to do with the orientation of the carbon fibers due to extrusion
  • ABS
    • Filament shrinks during printing
      • Prints will end up slightly under-sized, especially in X-Y axes
      • Perimeters warp upward like mad throughout the print
      • Print will detach from the bed and fail, which can be mitigated by a large (≥1 cm) brim
      • Even with a brim, the first layer will still have warped perimeters
    • Fills your home with noxious fumes during printing
    • Plenty of modern alternatives to attain similar properties, e.g. composite blends (-GF, -CF) or polymer blends (PETG HT, PC blend)
  • All PLA/ePLA
    • PLA glass transition (softening) temperature is around 60°C, making it unsuitable for many warm environments like direct sunlight, vehicle interiors, electronics enclosures, etc.
    • PLA is not dimensionally stable - creeps over time at any temperature
    • PLA polymer biodegrades over time, becoming brittle or breaking down into various chemicals
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