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Obtaining an FCC Radio Amateur Technician License (for Singaporeans)

This page is a work in progress. It reflects the path I took and providers I used, based on the SARTS presentation, FCC amateur radio licensing guide for Singapore HAMs by 9V1SA and 9V1DT, but over time I will try to expand it with alternative providers.

Due to the indefinite suspension of the IMDA Radio Amateur Examination, the only way to obtain a Singapore Radio Amateur License is to first obtain an FCC Radio Amateur license, then apply for an Amateur Station Licence and attaching the FCC license to obtain an equivalent license.



  1. Create a virtual US address with ezBuy ezShip
  2. Create an FCC CORES username
    1. Click Need a Username?Register to access the registration form
    2. Check your email and complete the verification
    • I got a Phone Number is Invalid error when specifying Country Code: +65 and Phone Number: separately, but was able to submit with a blank Country Code: and Phone Number: +65[8 digit phone number]
  3. Register FRN
    1. Log in to FCC CORES with your newly username (the email verification should have logged you in, in which case you can skip to the next step)
    2. Are you registering as an entity or as an individual?Individual
    3. Is your contact address within the United States or its territories?Yes
    4. Please read the following options carefully and make a selection.Individual FRN
    5. Fill up and submit the form:
      • First Name:(your first name as printed in passport)
      • Last Name:(your last name as printed in passport)
      • If you do not have a Social Security Number, select a reason:The individual is foreign
      • Address Line 1:5908 NE 112th Ave XXXXXX (replace XXXXXXX with the ID from your ezShip Warehouse Info page - USA Warehouse)
      • City:Portland
      • State:OREGON
      • Zip Code:97250 9606
      • Email:(your email)
      • The other fields are not required, you may fill them as applicable, but do not fill in the freight forwarder's phone number!
    6. After submitting, you should be presented with Your new FCC Registration Number (FRN) is [FRN]., note it down or print the page to PDF
      • It can be retrieved again later by logging in to CORES → Manage Existing FRNs → Manage FRNs


  1. Create a account
  2. Choose an exam to study for:Technician
  3. Study Mode
    1. Study until you have reached 100% seen (~1 hour)
    2. Study until you have reached >80% aptitude1) (time this depends on how fast you learn, it took me another ~0.5h)
    • Click the top-right flag on questions to learn the concepts leading to the correct answer
  4. Practice Test
    1. Practice until you have reached >26 correct answers/74%, which is the passing criteria
    2. Keep practicing until you have reached >31 correct answers/88%, which several examination providers recommend as the minimum to achieve before taking a test

Schedule an Examination

  1. Identify an examination provider
    • WM7X is an examination provider that Singapore hams have successfully taken examinations with (thanks 9V1SA & 9V1YP)
    • VEA was recommended by 9V1DT but at time of writing, has no examination schedules for the forseeable future
  2. Ensure you can meet the examination provider's requirements
    • Examination conditions - E.g. WM7X Exam Preparation
    • Fee payment method(s)
    • Videoconference hardware
      • Webcam, speaker/headphones and microphone
      • Mobile device with camera for room survey if your videoconference system is a desktop
    • Videoconference software
      • E.g. Zoom for WM7X, including on your mobile device if using one for room survey
      • Create an account for the videoconference software and pre-login on all devices to easily switch devices if needed (optional, but recommended)
      • Run webcam, speaker and microphone tests on the videoconference software; disable all video background effects
    • You have to agree with, and be comfortable with your examination room (not just your examination area) being recorded, so tidy your room and put away anything you don't want recorded
  3. Pay the examination fee

Take the Examination

:!: The examination will take anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes for most people; sometimes it may take longer if a prior candidate overruns their schedule, so prepare some buffer time and be patient with the examination team

  1. Check some time (30 min - 1 h) before the examination for meeting ID(s) and join links
  2. Double-check examination environment and put away anything non-compliant with the examination provider
  3. Double-check webcam, speaker and microphone tests
  4. Have your passport ready for inspection in the examination area
  5. Join the meeting room when ready
    • Have your mobile device ready if you need it to perform the examination room survey
  6. Follow instructions from the friendly examination team to take the test
    • Administered with ExamTools, examination team will walk you through
    • If you have filled all information in correctly while scheduling your examination with, the information in ExamTools will be accurate
    • The website includes automated filling in of FCC form 605 and CSCE (Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination)

After the Examination

  1. The Examination Team will submit the FCC form 605 as soon as possible
  2. Within 1-2 US working days, you will receive an email Payment Required for the FCC License Application submitted on your behalf by [PROVIDER]
  3. Make payment in CORES following the instructions provided; international (i.e. Singaporean) credit card worked for me

Receive your License and Callsign

  1. Within 1-2 US working days, you will receive two emails:
    • FCC Application Grant OR Official FCC License from the FCC with a link valid for 30 days to download a printable version of your license (as well as instructions to view your license on CORES → ULS
    • Your callsign has been issued! from
  2. (Optional) Apply for a Vanity Callsign
    1. Look up available vanity callsigns here:
    2. Make payment in CORES: CORES → Manage Existing FRNs | FRN Financial | Bills and Fees → FRN Financial → View/Make Payments
    3. Wait 28 calendar days for processing
    4. If successful, you will receive an email FCC Application Grant OR Official FCC License with your license and the updated callsign

Singapore License Conversion

  1. Apply for an IMDA Amateur Station License
    1. Go to GoBusiness → Browse all licences → Find and apply for licences by agency
      → I → Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) → Amateur Station Licence → Apply on GoBusiness Dashboard
Aptitude for a given question is determined using a logrithmic scale where the most recent time you answered the question is worth 50%, the next most recent 25%, then 12.5%, etc up to the last 10 times you have seen the question. When you haven’t seen the question 10 times, the number is estimated based on the percentage of people who answer that question correctly the first time they see it. -
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