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aiwa HS-RM226 Refurbishing


  1. Remove 2× M1*3 screws from the sides
  2. Free the clips holding the rear plastic shell with a plastic pry tool/opening pick
    1. Free 2 clips on the side with the scoop for opening the cassette compartment
    2. Free 2 clips beside the FF and STOP buttons
    3. Free 1 clip below the tape/radio switch
    4. Free 1 clip near the negative battery contact spring
  3. Remove the rear plastic shell
    1. Lift the rear case starting from the positive battery contact
    2. Unhook from the controls
  4. Remove 2 screws
    • 1× M1.5*6 screw (near the motor)
    • 1× M1*3 screw (near the middle of the battery compartment)
  5. Release the wires
    1. Free one side of the 3× black fabric tapes holding the cables down
    2. Free the light gray cable (tape head) from the top left notch of the PCB
    3. Free the black and red wires (tape motor) from the bottom right hook of the PCB
    4. Free the loop on the black and brown wires (SUPER BASS switch)
  6. Release the motor
    1. Press down on the retaining latch below the motor
    2. Push the motor downwards slightly then loosen it
  7. Lift the PCB from the top and move it downwards
  8. You can now access the tape mechanism
    • The belt seems to be 12cm?
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